Kate Andersen

Kate can be referred to as Jeremy's better half.  Don't maker her mad.  When she's not managing the finances at Arena, she's managing a family of three big dogs, two loud cats, and two boys - ages 6 and 43.   

Mike Mullnix

Mike is an expert body repair technician and painter with 30 years of experience in the collision repair industry.  He's worked in one-man shops and dealerships.  He can do it all, and we're lucky to have him.   

Dean Walker

Although Dean and Dennis are twins, Dean is about two minutes older.  He is a senior body and frame technician.  If we have a question about straightening or pulling, it usually falls on Dean.  He has restored classic cars and also spends time at the race track with his brothers.  He enjoys being with his family, listening to live music, and the occasional slot machine. 

Mark Love

Mark has been at Arena for over two decades and has a love for classic cars.  He is a senior painter with a keen eye for detail.  He is a true team player and an expert at painting pretty much anything.  We are fortunate to have him.  If you see him, ask about his Nova!

Dave Hemsted

Dave is a senior painter at Arena and has been painting cars since he was 16.  When he’s not working on cars at Arena, he’s working on race cars.  His family has three generations of racers and a wall of trophies to prove it.

Rebecca Green

Becky has a vast knowledge of parts ordering, scheduling and communicating/facilitating customer experiences at Arena.  When she’s not working here, she enjoys spending time with her son and remodeling houses.  She loves warm weather and being outside.      

Paul Brenner

Paul is a Managing Partner/Estimator at Arena and has expertise in all aspects of running a high end auto collision facility.  He has relationships with several insurance companies, vendors and customers that grow every year.  When he's not at Arena, he enjoys cheering for the Hawkeyes and Cardinals, playing drums, and chasing his three sons. 

Jeremy Andersen

Jeremy is a Managing Partner/Estimator at Arena and has a passion for cars.  He is pretty good with computers and works as a facilitator assisting with schedule management, parts purchasing, estimates and customer satisfaction.  His hobby outside of work is his 5 year old son. 

Albert Paz Ayala

Albert is an assistant painter and paint prep technician.  He preps and primes repaired panels and edges new panels.  He also serves as a very helpful translator for our Spanish-speaking customers.  He does all of this with a positive attitude and he always keeps the shops lively. 

Marcus Thomas

Marcus is a talented body repair technician and painter.  He regularly works in both shops and does many repair jobs from start to finish while always showing a team-first attitude.  He also has restoration experience.  As long as he has his Hostess HoHo's, he's willing to tackle any repair project!   

Efrain Barajas

Efrain is the newest member of our team and serves as our detail and maintenance specialist.  He keeps  the cars and the shop looking good.  He's willing to tackle any assignment and he always does so with a smile and usually some comic relief. 

John Hemsted

John is an excellent painter who also has extensive mechanical repair experience.  As Dave's son, he's had one of the best teachers in the business.   John marks the third of four generations of Hemsteds to have worked at Arena.  When he’s not working on cars, he's racing them at West Liberty and surrounding areas. 

Dennis Walker

Dennis is a senior body repair technician who can fabricate just about anything.  He has been building and re-building race cars for decades.  He has a very cool custom race car trailer that he built himself.  He is so busy that he enjoys spending time doing nothing…which he never does…

Arena Auto Body

John Martin

John has been doing body work and various other forms of auto repair for almost 40 years.  He can literally straighten anything.  He is an expert at restoring classic cars and handling the unique challenges that come with that type of work.  Follow one of his current restoration jobs on our Projects page.