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I've never been in an accident before.  What should I do? 

If another vehicle is involved, it is always a good idea to exchange information with the other driver, including insurance info. If your vehicle is drivable, bring it in anytime for an estimate (no appointment necessary). If your vehicle is not drivable, please call us and we will arrange to have it towed to our shop. If you plan to use insurance to pay for repairs, we can help guide you through the claim process.    

Do I need an appointment for an estimate? 

No, an appointment is not necessary. Please stop in for a free estimate anytime between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Depending on the damage, an estimate will take approximately 10 to 30 minutes.  

Can I get an estimate without bringing my car in?

While there is no substitute for inspecting the car in-person, we offer virtual estimates via two methods. First, you may email us clear photos of your VIN and damage, and we will reply with a preliminary estimate. Second, you may use the Carwise smart phone app to send us photos and receive a preliminary estimate.    

What if my vehicle is not drivable? 

Please call us and we will make towing arrangements for you. If insurance will be paying for your repairs, they will also pay for towing if the vehicle is not drivable. 

If insurance is paying for my repairs, do I need to get more than one estimate? 

No, Iowa law does not require more than one estimate. Insurance companies must work with the shop of your choice.     

Do you work with ___________ insurance company? 

Yes, we work with all insurance companies. We understand each insurance company's unique claim handling procedures, and we will follow their individual guidelines for estimate submission in order to help speed up the claim process. As much as possible, we will serve as your liaison with the insurance adjuster handling your claim.            will

The insurance company is suggesting I have my vehicle repaired at a specific shop(s).  Do I have to?  

No! As the vehicle owner, it is your right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. We work with all insurance companies.  Sometimes insurance companies will offer a lifetime warranty on repairs done by a shop they suggest. We provide a lifetime warranty to all of our customers, regardless of insurance company.  

Do I have to wait for an insurance adjuster to write an estimate on my vehicle? 

It depends on which insurance company is involved. Most insurance companies will review our estimate and photos and approve repairs without sending out an adjuster. In fact, we are pre-approved by several insurance companies to start repairs without waiting for their authorization. In some cases, depending on the amount and nature of damage, the insurance company may have an adjuster look at your vehicle. You may then take the insurance estimate to the shop of your choice for repairs.   

What if the insurance adjuster's estimate is different than yours? 

First, we will be happy to review the differences with you. Then we will negotiate directly with the insurance company and come to an agreed price before starting repairs. If an insurance estimate exists, it must be used as a starting point since this is the amount the insurance company is initially agreeing to pay. But it is just a starting point. If the insurance estimate is incomplete, we will communicate directly with the adjuster to ensure all related damage is repaired correctly and completely.  

What if additional damage is found after repairs begin?

We will notify you and the insurance company, if applicable, of any additional (hidden) damage found before performing any additional repairs and/or ordering additional parts. If necessary, we will submit a supplemental estimate and supporting documentation directly to the insurance company. If the insurance company has already issued payment for the amount of the original estimate, they will issue a second payment directly to our shop for supplemental damages.                  

When do I pay my deductible? 

We will collect your deductible when the repairs are complete and you take delivery of your vehicle. 

What forms of payment do you accept?  

We accept cash, check, MC, Visa, and Discover. We are not able to accept two-party checks. Payment is collected when the repairs are complete and you take delivery of your vehicle. 

Can I drop off my vehicle after hours? 

Yes, we have a key drop located outside our front office door on Keokuk Street. If your vehicle is being towed in after hours, tow truck drivers know to leave the vehicle in the storage lot behind our office and place the keys in our drop box.  

What if I need a rental car?  

We will be happy to make rental reservations for you. Whenever possible, we will arrange for rental car pickup/delivery at our shop to save you time. If that is not possible, we will shuttle you to the rental car office when you drop off your car. By law, insurance companies will pay for a rental car if you are a claimant. If you are the insured, your insurance company will cover rental car expenses only if you have rental reimbursement on your policy. Rental car coverage starts the day your vehicle enters the shop for repair or when it is deemed not drivable.  

Will your paint match the factory finish?

Our paint is guaranteed to match your factory finish. We cannot order paint directly from the vehicle manufacturer. Instead, we use the factory paint code to mix the same formula on site using our computerized mixing system. This system, along with the use of test panels and proper blending techniques, allow our paint professionals to reproduce the factory finish. We've chosen Nexa Autocolor paint, a division of PPG, for its superior clear coat quality and OEM matching properties.   

What kind of parts will be used on my vehicle?

There are four categories of parts that may be used in the repair process: 

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) / Factory parts
  2. LKQ (Like Kind & Quality) / Used / Recycled parts
  3. Aftermarket / Generic parts
  4. Reconditioned / Remanufactured OEM parts

The type of part we use is determined by you and your insurance company. Many insurance policies specify how collision repairs are to be performed, including which types of parts should be used. We will do everything in our power to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition properly in terms of appearance, functionality, and safety. We will not put recycled or aftermarket parts on your vehicle without your prior approval and we will not use these parts if they do not meet our quality standards. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about parts that may be used on your vehicle.         

What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are made by a manufacturer other than the original equipment manufacturer (e.g. a manufacturer that makes bumper covers to match/fit all makes and models). They are preferred by many insurance companies because they are less expensive and they are certified and come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

How long will repairs take?

Repair time depends on the nature and extent of the damage being repaired as well as parts availability. When you schedule repairs with us, our staff will give you an estimated completion date. This date may change due to hidden damages, parts delivery delays, or other unforeseen circumstances. We will update you throughout the repair process and notify you if any additional damage is found or delays occur.